Monday, November 29, 2010

Going To Aussie World.

Ok so I didn't post on the weekend, due to the fact the little toddler decided to attach herself to me. It was cute by annoying. It made me feel to motherly. But other than that I loved it.

This will be my last blog until I get back on Wednesday night. Of course I will have pictures for you all to see.  Another great reason I am going it to totally ditch my family, as they have now sent me beyond insane. Which we all knew was coming. But a few days with out them will be gold.

I must finish my packing for the time I will be away at Tracey's, in that time we will be going to a theme park called Aussie world that will soon be torn down and replaced by a water park. :(. It is just sad.

Now I must be off, to pack, shower and finally leave this house for as long as I can :D

XX Love you all and seriously be happy, even if family dose SUCK...

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