All About Me

My Basic Profile
Born: May 12th 1994
Where: Goodwindi
Time: 11:15 am
Family: Grams & Granddad (I call them mum and dad) 4  younger sisters and a younger brother but I live with my grand parents (its complicated).
Pets: Dobby, my pet Zebra Finch. 
Jobs: I have worked as a check out chick for three years until I decided I wanted to work in a office but am currently in college getting a Diploma of Business. 
Hobbies: Reading, Writing, Scrap booking, Photography, Tattoo designs and Candle Making
Favourite Book as a Kid: As a young kid I had so many books but when I got older my most read book was Lorna Doone
Favourite Words: Prolonged deprivation or "The Vampiric Encyclopedia" 
Least Favourite Words: Clean up!
Favourite City I have visited: Melbourne (they have a two story high book shop)
City I want to Visit: Russia, because of Richelle Mead's Vampire Academy.
Best TV series: Vampire Diaries (no I haven't read the books) True blood (own all the books), Hell Cats and Teen Wolf
Best DVD: What ever I have got stacked in my collection, any thing with supernatural just not very many horrors (yes they scare me) 
Coolest Music: Any thing I can sing to has got my vote.
Favourite Food: Chinese 
My Colors: Black, White and Red

6 Totally random facts you never knew about me but now you do!!!
(1) I love dancing like a retard around my house, not caring who watches (most of the time) and singing way off tune to my favorite music station (right now B105)
(2)  I am totally spoiled rotten by my parents.
(3) Find it extremely fun staying up until 4 in the morning (thanks to coffee) reading a book and sneaking out past Grams room and into the kitchen for a mid night snack.
(4) I always have a LONG shopping list for books, no matter the time of year or type of book there is always a LONG list.
(5) I want to open a small book shop in a small town in the middle of no where, and in my little shop there will be candles and home made items available, also really good books.
(6) I have a tattoo, yes I'm 17 but i do have a tattoo. Its a k in Elysian code from Heather Brewers Book series.