Monday, November 29, 2010

Going To Aussie World.

Ok so I didn't post on the weekend, due to the fact the little toddler decided to attach herself to me. It was cute by annoying. It made me feel to motherly. But other than that I loved it.

This will be my last blog until I get back on Wednesday night. Of course I will have pictures for you all to see.  Another great reason I am going it to totally ditch my family, as they have now sent me beyond insane. Which we all knew was coming. But a few days with out them will be gold.

I must finish my packing for the time I will be away at Tracey's, in that time we will be going to a theme park called Aussie world that will soon be torn down and replaced by a water park. :(. It is just sad.

Now I must be off, to pack, shower and finally leave this house for as long as I can :D

XX Love you all and seriously be happy, even if family dose SUCK...

Friday, November 26, 2010


OK so like any other teenage girl I wither hate or love my family, todays is one on the days I lean more towards hate than love.

Also I went to my public library that is why I did not post last night, because I was reading. I borrowed 8 books out in total so here is a list of the books I will be reading this week, please if you read them tell me what you think.

1) Change of heart by Jodi Picoult
2) The Friends of Meager Fortune by David Adams Richards
3) Mystery, Magic, Voodoo and The holy Grail By Stephanie Smith, Louise Katz, Ian Irvine, Traci Harding, Beverly Harper, Kim Wilkins, Tess Williams, Louise Cusack, Julia Stiles.
4) Darker Than Midnight by Maggie Shanye
5) An Ice Cold Grave By Charlaine Harris
6) Embraced by Darkness by Keri Arthur
7) Tempting Evil by Keri Arthur
8) Ironside by Holly Black

I must admit that the only reason I got the first book was out of pure curiosity as I have seen books written by Jodi Picoult all over my local shopping center and it made me curious, so I though why not.

If I like her work I think I might be going back to my library next week so I might be getting more OH YER!!!

So Spend the day with my family makes me realized how much I can actually hate the fact that I am related to them so here are 5 dot points to proved I am not related.

1) I am from a far away land ruled by supernatural people.
2) My mum and aunt think that Christmas beetles are scary and huge and one day might rule the world.
3) Because they actually like the day time, like the sun. I know they are really weird.
4) The family I live with aren't witches and don't understand a thing I say or do and it totally sucks.
5) Brooke is from our far away land because neither of us belong here. a.k.a. we think we were adopted

Now for the rest of the night I plan to work on a few chapters and then read for a little then go to bed. So I must wish you all a good evening.

So all of you have a great night and also enjoy the evening as it is only young. Love you all, keep happy.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Getting To Work

Hey Y'all  This was suppose to go up Wednesday night.

Thank you to my dear friends whom decided to tell me to get to work on my books, but it will have to wait until Friday. As tomorrow I have to go back to my old high school and hand in my text books so I can go and fill in my enrollment forms for my new school. Yes I do know that this will be my third try at high school and this time I will stick it out and GRADUATE. I will even go to formal and wear the dress, do the hair even put up with heels all night.

Until then I will be hanging out with my friends, going to the shops and living up my freedom, well at least until I start living with my auntie and cousins for nights week and then coming home on weekends. But until then my cousins will be visiting every Friday night to Saturday and maybe some weekends to Sunday.

Today I spent some of my time cleaning out my mum's study and moving things from the garage into the right spots within the house. Not fun. My mum has collected so much crap over the years I was surprised I could even move around her study. 
The Sad and Honest Truth

After that I decided to do some research for my books and I cam through with quite a lot that I will now start working into my books. They will just be bursting at the seems with good information.

So normally I would have posed this here last night but my Internet decided to cut out on me at about 7:30, so I took the hint and gave up on the Internet but instead spent the night working on my books until I finally decided to go to bed at a reasonable hour (11pm at nigh). <3

OK so I will post again tonight and also put up a few pictures of my friends if they are at school tomorrow. Love you all and thank you again to my friends who told me to get back to work, you will make the books come to life and also to there facebook pictures for opening my eyes to everything around there world (the picture on the right)

Love you all and keep smiling

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fun, Fun and No Fun

Dear GO! 99
Vampire Diaries 
I now hate you, first for not telling me sooner that I will be vampire diaries deprived for TWO WHOLE weeks. Also for making me put up some stupid movie in it's place, but I will thank you for allowing the new TV show "pretty little liars" to be aired next week. Of course it better be good or I shall not be a very happy person.

Yours truly
Pretty Little Liars
So other than that last night was fine, I didn't watch the stupid movie but instead went a read my book.

Also a person I am tempted to scream at is my boyfriends parents, who now wish to tell him that he needs a break away from me, OK so I knew his father didn't like me but come on I am not that bad. So now I hate his father and step mother more which I though was imposable but I have found room to make it manageable. Unlike his Mother whom is really nice and cool and she lives in Melbourne in this really cute house and man she is cool.

A huge thank you to one of my two best friends Tracey for making my day by sending me this amazingly hot picture of Adam Lambert. You made my day very pleasant, thank you for helping me keep my sanity. I love you Tracey.
I worked out how to edit my picture
Ok So I found out where I had hidden the camera and decided to muck around with it until I found something else to amuse my small mind, which turned out to be a editing program I found online. So of course I found a ton of old pictuers and re-did them.

Oh also I would like to thank my pain full cousins for there cold and the weather for changing and making me always sneeze.

By the way I have decided to sing up to every book store from my place to the city so I one of my favorite authors ever decides to visit QLD I will be able to go, so I have found every books store and singed up and now I will be able to know when any author visits Brisbane.

Now I must go to my bed to sleep so as my mother put it "make the house princess style" as that is what I have to do before she will get me my lay by of books off.

Have a great day
Have a nice night every one and keep reading, also If I find out any new about authors that are visitng Brisbane and its local surrounding areas.

Love you all <3

Monday, November 22, 2010

Another Day at home

OK besides my pain in the butt mum, today was great until she came home. I did the dishes, folding and cleaned the floor but no nothing is ever good enough for her any more. Ever since i had told her that i was going back to school full stop every little thing I do she always finds something wrong. 

Other than a bitch of a mum. I actually slept in and when i got up I read someones blog and they mentioned blondies. And of course I was curious I had to make my own, they did not turn out all that good. 
That is what they are suppose to look like.

 But of course mine did not look all that good. I have a picture of mine but it is on my lap top so I will post it up tomorrow after noon. I did not work on any books today I spent my day doing house work and talking to my friends on msn and facebook. 

My poor book case is dying under the wait off all my books so I have started looking for solutions to save it before it ca-lapses and hurts the books.  While looking up the shelves i have realized a room in my house will be covered in books from floor to roof. Similar to this. 
 So my loving boyfriend now knows the life he will be stuck with if he ever marries me. Well at least he cant say I haven't given him far warning. Now I have showed him the pictures he is planing on how to build the book cases around our(my) dream home and he even fully agreed to build them for me. 
Vampire Diaries.
No I am off to have dinner and get ready for my Hell Cats and Vampire 
Hell Cats

You just have to love Mondays. Good TV other than tonight I rarely watch TV. I have 25 long minutes before my TV shows start.

That is only the truth

Have a great Monday night.

Keep Happy. <3

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Good Reads

Hey Every One...

Ok so besides working non stop on the 5 books I have going. I have been spending all my time on good reads. My mum has finally admitted that she thinks I have a addiction and to books as well, because I spend all my time alone in my room with a book or working on a new book I have decided to write.

Other than that, My mum and I have made final choice that I shall be heading back to school and attending Kilcoy State High School.

Also on Facebook I have decide to make a page and every day I shall find a new quote from a book I own and put it up there for the world to see. But of course I have gotten the quotes off good reads, it is now my new 24/7 site I spend most of my spare time on.

Well I am off to work on my house work and then back to my book before I start making dinner.

Love you... <3

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

My Weekend Away

Hey My Friends.

Ok so 12th of November my mum, my aunt and i packed up the car and headed of to Gin Gin for a family birthday. On my way up I found the entry I made into my blackberry about a book I had started writing soon after I had a dream about a double form shape-shifter.

So I haven't written much on the new book as I have so many going now. I know I should slow down and do one at a time but then a new idea pops into my head and I really can't help it.

I have so many books going now I must invest some of my valuable time into working out a organization system. Besides I have given each book a folder on my desktop, that is a far as I have gotten.

The Weekend.

Our over sized breakfast. There were only three small eaters and we got all that.

My bed with all my things on it
(Left to right) Mum, Kylie and Me
Me after the party in the hotel room.
 Ok so we had a lot of fun. Staying up until like 2 in the morning because my aunt didn't have children to worry about. 

I had better get back to my house work as it will not do its self, sadly.

Keep Reading and Smiling I love you all.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Working on my book

Hello every one

Ok so lately I hav been focusing 100% of my time onto working on my books and getting them complteted, so research ha been odd. Trying to explain to my mummy why the hell I am googling water demons and forbidden magick spell and even to wolf breeds and animal eye colours.

And the upcoming weekend I am going on a weekend trip to my great aunties for her birthday.There will be kariokie and all things I can't wait. I have even planed a really hot outfit.

I will blog more about my week tomorrow but until then.

Good Night all I am off to watch blood suckers with my mum...

Keep smiling

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Hey Everyone

Hey again

Ok again I am sorry about how irregular my blogging is getting. So lately life has been very weird, my family is getting under my skin and there are 10 stitches sitting in my back and now I have started another book. That makes a total 5 books I have started or finished writing. I love working on my books and my imaganiation has rubed off on my little cousin. She made upp a whole story of vampire ducks that can climb trees and a frog and lady bug that both climb trees and jump on people she is only 3 so it is really cute.  Ok I have to get back to my work. So I will post again tomorrow.

Keep Happy My Readers