Thursday, May 27, 2010

Melbourne Trip

OK so this is officially my mini diary for the trip my boyfriend and I took down to Melbourne in the March holidays. I have finally got all the photos from the days we spent there. OK so here they are I hope you all enjoy the pictures. I'm pretty sure we went away for a totally of 11 days. So I'll probably only have photos for about 7 of those days. The photo on the Left was a photo i took on the second last day, when the tide was out and we could get close to the boat.


So after our plane landed in the smallest airport I had ever seen Avalon we had a total of two carry on bags and one bag of luggage each between us. So a grand total of 4 bags for 11 days and two people and I'm s grateful to boyfriends step dad for doing our washing while we stayed down there. It was very nice of them.

OK so after boyfriend said we would be staying at his mums place with a beach just down the street I was so grateful. I thought id never see the beach the whole trip but there it was. So the first thing we did was walk down to the beach and I got .this picture on the right, on my phone. And then after walking all the way up the beach we decided to finally go back.

Day 2!!! 

So be a girl I decided to ask where all the best shops are and I think i asked the right question. As i found out there was the GREAT but cute little shop about 5 minutes away and it had some of the cutest clothes ever. Then after we got home all we did was joke around with the cameras and take stupid photos and watch the DVDs of the collection of Alien.  OK so there is boyfriend/ tazzie devil and then the glass of cordial.

Day 3!!!

OK So on day three I did not get any photos of anything, But we did walk down to the local Rosebud shopping center, but it was closed as it was Easter Friday. it was about a 30 minute walk which I much enjoyed. On the way back to the house we walked passed the small little shop and I found a great sale 3 items for $10 so trusting me I shopped. I got the 3 shirts and a nice hair piece. For the rest of day three my lovely boyfriend and I watch the rest of the Alien collection. I am still waiting for pictures from our lovely host. We got quite a few group pictures, they are all amazing.

Day 4!!!

So every day we spent down in Rosebud we walked to the shops, either the shopping center or the local shops owned by the lovely people of the town.  Also got boyfriend to take me to the beach and I actually talked him into getting his feet wet.

On the forth day I got my mum a lovely photo frame that she now has sitting on her desk at her work with a picture of a shell under the water in it. As she has fallen in love with this picture. 
This photo I took was the view from half way up the beach. I thought the little buildings along the beach were so cute. A few people had them open and they used the for all different reasons.

Day 5!!!

As all we did day 5 was sit around and finish the Alien collection and start the Police Academy collection there is not really much to say. Except I love the Police Academy character they are all amazing.

Day 6!!!

OK day 6 would have to have been one of the best days down there as we went to the main city of Melbourne and did the whole tourist thing and OMG I love the city of Melbourne but it is very expensive. So we let the house at 11 in the morning and did not get back until night fall. It was truly beautiful at night I have lost my heart to the night life of Melbourne and my boyfriend. But as it dose not cost to take photos I have plenty of those so please enjoy Day 6.

OK on the left are a collection of buildings I though worked very well in design together and on the bottom right is the church that is amazing. I'm sad I did not get to see in side, maybe net time. On the bottom left is the clock above the train station.

Now onto the street art we saw. It was amazing I absolutely found it mesmerizing how they turned plain ground in a piece of artwork. I wish I could have kept it.

So they are the 5 street paintings we looked at.

OK now more of the city.

OK so that is just a small collection of the pictures I took that the buildings or the art work had caught my attention.
Forwarding onto the memorial shrine.

Now the night life.

Day 7!!!

OK nothing exciting happened that day,  we went and got wrapping paper for my mums gifts. Also I went and got a few post cards from the shopping center. Other than that all we did was watch movies.

Day 8!!!

After spending the day at home with J and D they decided that they will take us to see "The last song". It was sad. J and I even cried a few times, while the boys just sat there. We love our boyfriends so much.

Day 9!!!

Did nothing to exciting today, watched a few movies and we went to the local beach side shops and boyfriend helped me pick out a nice black maxi dress that only cost $6. He like it so now I need to find a occasion to wear

Day 10!!!

Again we had chips. Yet I still lost weight on our holidays. Before the chips we walked along the beach and i got a few pics. Please enjoy.

Day 11!!! DEPARTURE.

Today was a sad day as we had to leave to wonderful town of Rosebud. I knew I would miss it as much as I do. I miss the wonderful people I meet down there and one day I hope to call them family. So I would like to thank James and Kath for having us and Jacinta and Dlyan for putting up with us as takign us to the movies. Also thank you Jacinta for being my best friend down there I hope to go on more adventuers with you in the future. Thank you all guy for letting us vist you can not wait until next time. Here are quick pictuers I took before we left. Also a few ictuers of the cat that decided to visit on our last day, it was a great cat I loved it.

so that is my Melbourne trip I took with my boyfriend. Thank you again to all down in Rosebub. I love you all.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Delayed Birthday Post

Hey Readers

OK so I'm a bit slow. I know and I am sorry. But I have been really sick with a flu or bug. Any way I'm writing a thank you to all my great friends who came to my Sweet Sixteen Partie on the 15th of May and they all got me great gifts I must thank them again. OK  My awesome boyfriend B who got me 3 books. "Radiant Shadows", "Blue bloods" and the awesome "Burned". OK then to A who got me a awesome 2 books "Divine by Choice" and "Divine by Blood" bf totally told him :D. The to the awesome C also bf friend and K bf he got me one of this little vampire hunters books so apparently I'm qualified to kill SPARKLY vampires only, we put the fine print in. Also not to forget Z, he went a little off track and bought me a really night Hillary Duff perfume, and it sells great i think bf got a little jealous of Z but oh well. Now to the girls. So K got me a book, I was shocked, it was "My Soul to take", and Ca got me the second in the series "My Soul to Save" then to T who had totally forgotten me. I got a awesome friendship anklet to match the ones i got from other people. My future mother-in-law I love her to bits. And the other to T and G when we went on a school excursion and broke the school rules and bought them :D, never stoped us before. So yes that was the awesome partie I had which was black and white theme. All my friends had a great time and I thank them again for coming.

So this is how I set it up. So it was themes Black and white with tons of balloons that ended in a balloon war.

So thanks Guys all for coming to my partie. Here are a few more pics of the night, my friends, and then the books.

The awesome cake my mum had made for me. I didn't even know i was getting a cake. Friends all had a peace and loved it.

Now its time for pics of the presents :D

OK so that is a pick of all the books together. So I got 3 from B they were * Radiant Shadows * Blue Bloods and * Burned, From A I go 2 books *Divine by choice and *Divine by Blood , From K I got *My soul to Take,  From Ca I got * My soul to Save and finally the last book was from G she got me *Masquerade.

The Pretty Perfume Z got me. I get asked about it allot from my family the main one is why did he get it . Well I went up to him and asked. His reply was that he knew every one was going to get me books so he went with something different. Then he walked off on me. I know typical.

OK what is next OH music. OK so I didn't want to have a d.j or keep changing the CD so I got my friends to list a few of the most liked songs and got them to send them to me in a email so then I decided to make my own CD and put a few god song like The Chicken Dance, Nut Bush and then Cotton Eye Joe on them so It turned out to be a good idea. This is what they ended up looking like. While sticking to the Black and White theme.

OK so thank you again to my friends that went. Also to my mum who helped with every thing. Then to T the best friend who stayed a night to help set it up. And to B the best boyfriend ever who sent me all the music for my Cd's.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Awakening Trailer

Gifted Book Series Trailer

Hush, Hush Book Trailer


Hello Blog Reader

Ok. So no I'm back into full book mode. I have decided that i shall find as many trailers for the books I own as I can. I will be uploading straight from youtube.  I will have tons of trailers up soon. Please enjoy them. If you have any questions just message me or comment. Please tell me if there is a broken link.

Thank you.

Strange Angles Book Trailer

Monday, May 10, 2010


I wish to appolgize for not being on. My internet had to break as per usual. If there are any books you wish to recieve a first chapter on please let me know and ill put it up. Sorry again

Lyra Jane Peta