Sunday, January 23, 2011

Best Caramel Cuppchino

Yesterday mum and I went shopping. I walked from one end of the shopping center to another just to get my coffee from Zarraffas, They are a small little coffee shop that now has set he standard for the new love in my life Caramel cuppchino, YUMMY is all I can say.

After we had a hell of fun I ended up taking my mum to the hospital. NOT FUN. So she got a bed in the ED straight away, so next came the tests there were four in the first hour and then she was given pain medication but after that no one did anything for five hours until the doctor came back and said they couldn't find any thing one the first tests so they sent her off for a scan. By this time I was tired ad hungry and they hospital has piss poor coffee so I was getting very annoyed.  So I sat and waited for my mum to return when the ED security was stationed watching a lady in the room from across us. First he spoke to me and that was ok but then he told me I was the one that should have been in hospital because I was CRAZY! second he didn't know me from a bar of soap and then tried to tell me that I belonged in a padded cell but third he was a PERV. so telling me i was crazy and checking whats down my top at the same time he was a total FREAK. By the time I had spent 7 long hours at this hospital and the darn security guy I was more than ready for that padded room. But thankfully they let my mum go with out and explanation for her pain and no pain meds. Thank god she has a doctors visit tomorrow or else I would be freaking out.

Trading/Loaning Dvd's with my friend Trace today, I give her 4 Barbie movies and in return I get my 2 Vampire movies back plus "Tomorrow When the war began". Trace and I swap our dvds with each other a lot just so we can watch the same things, then we pick the hottest guys and then we agree whom can perv on whom and we come to equal agreements on it.

So it is only 9 in the morning so I think I will go play on facebook for a while and then get off my butt and get some housework done then work on my books and Finally get the dvds to and from Trace...

Have a good day and Stay happy :D

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Family I hate

Ok so to narrow it down on whom I love and whom I hate here is a list of family hate.

  • Alisa (aunt)
  • Brooke
  • Dylan
  • Shayne (older sister, I REALLY REALLY hate her)
  • Dan (birth father)
  • John (grandfather)
  • Big Tim (uncle)
  • Tony (aunt)
And more but I can't remember names. So the family I do love always either aren't there when I need them or let me down all the time. 

So the other day I got into a pretty nasty fight with mum, there were tears, screaming and a verity of non appropriate words. But once interfering people (Alisa) were out of the argument I released that mum was right, I am a lazy, self centered, rude and unhelpful.  So in the last two days I have made a change, I clean the house all the time. I have even cooked dinner twice and then cleaned up after it and made sure the house was in order. 

So now I have given myself a few more goals for the year.
  • Be a better person around the house, clean and cook more to take stress off mum
  • Lose 15Kg, to look better and be healthier
  • Redecorate my bedroom and give it a total make over
  • Be a better family member (not to people i hate) 
  • Be a better girlfriend
  • Be a better friend
  • Get a good full time job
  • See my sisters and brothers more
But while I work on everything on that list I am also working on being a better person all round, in every aspect of my life. 

I will also be focusing on my studies more, from the craft to certificates in business and business management. I will be also paying a lot of attention to my relationship with my boyfriend. I know I have a lot to work on but in the end it should make me a better and nicer person than I am now. 

Which means I am cutting contact with every one that talks to Shayne as I no longer wish to know anything about her or anything to do with her EVERY again she is DEAD to me!!!

No one can ever fix what isn't there, so witch against witch, sister against sister and that is how we must live than good bye to her, I want to be a better person and any connection to her could destroy it all.

So now I have vented all that. I cooked dinner tow nights in a a row there has been pasta and mince and then lamb chops with roasted veggies and then potato, then I did dishes and then even had time t sit and talkto my mum with out screaming at her, it was good. 

Sadly I must get off the computer as ANOTHER storm has just arrived and soon enough will steal my much loves power and internet.

So I big you all good night and be safe in this weather.


Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I wish every one out in Queensland the best of luck within the coming days and weeks, as every one in the Brisbane area has now got the goal we all share and that is living through the 2011 Floods. It saddens me to see the news of loss and pain family's are suffering. I have friends and dear, dear Family that are now isolated and we have no true way of getting out, so we have to sit and wait and pray for the best.

I must say I am trully sorry for the deaths of the people in the flooding, I have a friend that has felt a lost of her close friend in the flooding and I have also got a friend missing in the floods.

Here are a few face book pages that might help any of my readers in flood areas.
QLD Police.
Caboolture Shire & Surrounding Suburbs Floods.

I don't know if that helped at all but please keep your selves safe and away from flood water and stay safe REALLY safe.

Also send me pictuers of the flood water if you have taken any and I will feature them on the 2011 Floods page.

Stay safe, dry and healthy. I wish you all luck.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Rain, Rain Go Away

Rain Rain Go Away Come Again Another Day.

It has been raining non stop all day. It is quite depressing, why can't my rain look like the picture? I am stuck in a bland boring world where my imagination in my only escape.

Other than boring rain and gloomy weather, I have done nothing exciting. Worked on my book and got my ikea catalog which means I can work on designing my character's places. I will be going into great detail for each character. It will look awesome once I have finished :D

Tonight is only a short blog, so I am done. Nothing much to report or say so I am off to work on my places and I might redecorate my room.


Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Hey every one.

May this bird my Aunt K tried to save yesterday, Rest In Peace. I went to visit my aunt, where my cousin pointed out the fact that the bird was sick, there was a broken wing and I suspect more hidden  injuries. So i went and sat next to the box they had kept it in (away form the dog) I stroked its tail and talked to it (yes i must have looked stupid) it tried to stay alive, opening his eyes and trying to drink. The little fella stayed alive for the whole time I was there but died soon after I had left.  So I gave him a name Lil B (for little bird) and now I want him to go to the spirit lands and find a tree full of fruit and friends.

But now I have gotten past the sad facts of yesterday. Today I am looking for five to ten people to receive a manuscript of my first every YA book. Magick Bonds, I wrote the book last year and have started writing the second book to it at the start of this year. So far I have found two people, both whom I trust. But now I am looking into writing chat rooms for people also to edit my book, I know the risk I a taking, but hey you never know.

So once the five people have finished with there copy, I will take them back see what work they have done and then edit my book again, then I will be fining a literacy agent, person. From there its either crash and burn (the most likely to happen) or I might get some where.

Now I have given my self a goal of adding 10 pages to "Water Demons" before tonight so I must be off.
Have a great day...


Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Another day with a very weird up family.

Friday Night I sat down and watched a few good movies with mum. It was good until my aunt rang. Then the night and weekend went to hell (believe me i'm getting use to it). My cousins dad lets call him bob (not in the family so not saying names) had come from S.A to see my cousin and decided to take Kev (in the family) out to the pub for a few drinks (at the pub) and next thing I hear from the folks up there is that Kev has been arrested and my aunt is all upset and sad. All I have to say to her is GROW UP!!! your a selfish, gratefuller, backstabbing cow(the words I want to use are worse).

I have to say a thank you to bob for destroying that little part of hell within my family. As I have hated my aunt every day since I was a little kid and she always picked on me and hated me so :P to her. Now every weekend my house will be peaceful (unless i'm bored), the house will be clean and of course it will only have three people in it. So thank you all so very much for sticking your druggie dealing nose into my family bob, you have ended a lot of pain and suffering on my part but you have wounded my house mate and for that I am not very happy on that account.

NOW... to the happy stuff.

Mum went back to work today. That is party worthy news, I love her sure but having her here for like a week  or two, yes I lost track of time, is a very annoying thing. But we spent most of the time apart due to a former family member (up above), but on the last day she had off we spent it watching movies, talking and getting along. It was good bonding time, her words not mine, I would have rather be reading a old book or something but hey she left me alone now for the rest of the year. FREEDOM!!! (lol)

Also I have a new goal. It is not very exciting to many people but myself. I must read a series of books per week then write a review on them, from book one to the latest book release. I will gain more writing skills and  also gain knowledge on writing methods.

My books I have been writing are taking twists I don't know about until I go through and edit the work I have done it is like the book is writing it self and i just edit it. But it all gets away from me, the characters what they are doing, what the looking like so I will be profiling them and putting them into a folder, one folder for each book I plan on writing. You know just to keep track and make references. There might be a few folders but hey, why not.

I guess I must be off to do house work and all that sort off non-fun stuff every teenager has to do. But until next time keep happy, keep writing.

xx Taneeka


Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

I want to wish you all a happy new year and good luck for year to come.

This year I have set my self a few goals, so lets see if we can all set our selves strong and meaningful goals. Here is a small list of mine.

1) To find a good job
2) To go to tafe and start working towards a diploma in business
3) Do as many writing classes as I can in my spare time.
4) Get more blog followers (That should be the hardest)
5) Get a longer goals list!!! hee hee.

Today I went shopping and I got a diary for 2011, scary I know. I added all my family's birthdays and my anniversary date into it.  Also I have been making up systems so I can work on my blog and books better and easier. First I will be sticking a picture of a book on its release date in my diary also I will be updating my library page every Friday night. I will give myself weekly goals for each book I am in the process of writing. Other than that there is only one other thing, I will be posting reviews on the blog every Friday night depending on the new books I buy so keep updated.

So now here are a few GREAT memories from 2010. Thank you to my boyfriend and family who put up with me through every thing.

My Trip to Melbourne with my Boyfriend

My 16th Birthday with all my friends

I look fat... Blame my mums cooking its just TO good.
Girls weekend trip to Gin Gin with Mum and Kylie

I will pro-tend we were sober when we took this picture. 
Sun Sets and Sun Rises spent wishing.
Sun Set in Kilcoy

Sun Rise in Caboolture

B & W Sun Rise in Burpengary.
Sun Set in Melbourne.
Just random pictures along the way. 

My love heart Blondie.
The Lonely Flower.
So that was my 2010, lets see if we can have a better 2011. Have a great new year and drive safely on the roads.