Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fun, Fun and No Fun

Dear GO! 99
Vampire Diaries 
I now hate you, first for not telling me sooner that I will be vampire diaries deprived for TWO WHOLE weeks. Also for making me put up some stupid movie in it's place, but I will thank you for allowing the new TV show "pretty little liars" to be aired next week. Of course it better be good or I shall not be a very happy person.

Yours truly
Pretty Little Liars
So other than that last night was fine, I didn't watch the stupid movie but instead went a read my book.

Also a person I am tempted to scream at is my boyfriends parents, who now wish to tell him that he needs a break away from me, OK so I knew his father didn't like me but come on I am not that bad. So now I hate his father and step mother more which I though was imposable but I have found room to make it manageable. Unlike his Mother whom is really nice and cool and she lives in Melbourne in this really cute house and man she is cool.

A huge thank you to one of my two best friends Tracey for making my day by sending me this amazingly hot picture of Adam Lambert. You made my day very pleasant, thank you for helping me keep my sanity. I love you Tracey.
I worked out how to edit my picture
Ok So I found out where I had hidden the camera and decided to muck around with it until I found something else to amuse my small mind, which turned out to be a editing program I found online. So of course I found a ton of old pictuers and re-did them.

Oh also I would like to thank my pain full cousins for there cold and the weather for changing and making me always sneeze.

By the way I have decided to sing up to every book store from my place to the city so I one of my favorite authors ever decides to visit QLD I will be able to go, so I have found every books store and singed up and now I will be able to know when any author visits Brisbane.

Now I must go to my bed to sleep so as my mother put it "make the house princess style" as that is what I have to do before she will get me my lay by of books off.

Have a great day
Have a nice night every one and keep reading, also If I find out any new about authors that are visitng Brisbane and its local surrounding areas.

Love you all <3

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