Sunday, November 21, 2010

Good Reads

Hey Every One...

Ok so besides working non stop on the 5 books I have going. I have been spending all my time on good reads. My mum has finally admitted that she thinks I have a addiction and to books as well, because I spend all my time alone in my room with a book or working on a new book I have decided to write.

Other than that, My mum and I have made final choice that I shall be heading back to school and attending Kilcoy State High School.

Also on Facebook I have decide to make a page and every day I shall find a new quote from a book I own and put it up there for the world to see. But of course I have gotten the quotes off good reads, it is now my new 24/7 site I spend most of my spare time on.

Well I am off to work on my house work and then back to my book before I start making dinner.

Love you... <3

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