Friday, February 24, 2012

Anna Campbell :D

Anna Campbell is an amazing and nice lady, she took the time to talk to us all and then answer all our questions no matter what we asked. Adam, Brooke and I absolutely loved meeting her and hope to meet her again some time in the future. Here are the pictures I promised you :)

Anna Talking to her friend, the light isn't
good but I though it was a good picture.

This is the display the library had set up


I will post pictures of Adam, Brooke and I tomorrow when I have finished editing them.


p.s I have 4 more signing details to share with you all :D

Thursday, February 23, 2012

First Signing Of The Year Tonight

Excited for tonight the first book singing of the year, Anna Campbell. Tonight should be fun there are three (Mum, Brooke and Adam) people I am taking with me. Pictures will be taken and uploaded tomorrow as the event starts at 6 tonight and ends at 7.

Sadly I only have four of her books each of which will be signed by tonight.

Right now Diploma work must be done and then book signing tonight. It is going to be a great day.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Anna Campbelle

Tomorrow night I am meeting Australian romance author Anna Campbell. Who has written six historical romances for Avon HarperCollins and her work is published internationally, including in the United States, Germany, Russia, Turkey and Japan. Anna has won numerous awards for her sweeping, emotional stories set in the first quarter of the 19th century.

He pledged his honor to keep her safe...

Returning home to Cornwall after unspeakable tragedy, Sir Gideon Trevithick comes upon a defiant beauty in danger, and vows to protect her whatever the cost. He's dismayed to discover that she's none other than Lady Charis Weston, England's wealthiest heiress - and that the only way to save her from the violent stepbrothers determined to steal her fortune is to wed her himself!

He would marry her, and possess her in every way possible.

The Duke of Kylemore knows her as Soraya, London’s most celebrated courtesan. Men fight duels to spend an hour in her company. And only he comes close to taming her. Flying in the face of society, he decides to make her his bride; then, she vanishes, seemingly into thin air.
London's most notorious seducer, Nicholas Challoner lives solely for revenge…
The dashing, licentious Marquess of Ranelaw can never forgive Godfrey Demarest for ruining his sister - now the time has come to repay the villain in the same coin. But one formidably intriguing impediment stands in the way of Nicholas's vengeance: Miss Antonia Smith, companion to his foe's unsuspecting daughter
Headlong into sin...
A well-practiced rake, weary of easy conquests and empty pleasures, Tarquin Vale, Earl of Ashcroft, knows women - and his every instinct warns him to beware of this one. Diana Carrick’s brazen overtures have thrown the haunted, sinfully handsome lord completely off his guard. Why, the exquisite temptress stated outright that she wishes to be his lover!

For Olivia Raines, London's most notorious courtesan, and the infamous Julian Southwood, Earl of Erith falling in love will be the greatest risk of all in this wicked and wild romance from Anna Campbell.
Any man in London would worship her. Yet Olivia is, quite frankly, bored of them all. Despite her many dalliances, she's never felt true passion, never longed for any lover's touch... until Julian, London's most notoriously wanton rake, decides to make her his mistress
"I am many things,” Lord Sheene said. “Kind is not one of them.”

Beautiful Grace Paget has no reason to doubt these words. After all, she was kidnapped, spirited away to a remote country manor, and told she is to grant this man his every desire… or lose her life. But Grace is no common trollop. So she risks everything to save her virtue by planning a daring escape, even though she finds herself tempted by this dangerously handsome man

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Library Upgrade

Today is Saturday, so all of tomorrow I will be spending the day upgrading all form of my library. That will include my physical library and my library page :D

I will be taking photos of my library before and after I have completed the changes, and I will be asking your opinion on it all. I have also got to work on getting rid of some of my second hand books i no longer wish to have, i will be creating a face book page just for that. I will attach the link soon.


Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Busy Bee

Lately all the people I know and all my friends have been busy little bees. Since they are all the latest graduates of high school ,they all are now entering uni, college or work. Unlike me, I have been in college for 6 months now and only two units of work away from graduation. Once I graduate I will be going onto more study, don't know what yet.

But I have gotten all my busy bee friends to agree to go to a movie with me.


I don't know how I talked 8 people coming with me but I did and now I can't wait.

Also this month I am attending two book events, a book launch and a book signing with Anna Campbell. Both should be really fun and I will up load photos when I get them :D

But for now I am off to join my friends in the busy life of a college student.