Thursday, November 25, 2010

Getting To Work

Hey Y'all  This was suppose to go up Wednesday night.

Thank you to my dear friends whom decided to tell me to get to work on my books, but it will have to wait until Friday. As tomorrow I have to go back to my old high school and hand in my text books so I can go and fill in my enrollment forms for my new school. Yes I do know that this will be my third try at high school and this time I will stick it out and GRADUATE. I will even go to formal and wear the dress, do the hair even put up with heels all night.

Until then I will be hanging out with my friends, going to the shops and living up my freedom, well at least until I start living with my auntie and cousins for nights week and then coming home on weekends. But until then my cousins will be visiting every Friday night to Saturday and maybe some weekends to Sunday.

Today I spent some of my time cleaning out my mum's study and moving things from the garage into the right spots within the house. Not fun. My mum has collected so much crap over the years I was surprised I could even move around her study. 
The Sad and Honest Truth

After that I decided to do some research for my books and I cam through with quite a lot that I will now start working into my books. They will just be bursting at the seems with good information.

So normally I would have posed this here last night but my Internet decided to cut out on me at about 7:30, so I took the hint and gave up on the Internet but instead spent the night working on my books until I finally decided to go to bed at a reasonable hour (11pm at nigh). <3

OK so I will post again tonight and also put up a few pictures of my friends if they are at school tomorrow. Love you all and thank you again to my friends who told me to get back to work, you will make the books come to life and also to there facebook pictures for opening my eyes to everything around there world (the picture on the right)

Love you all and keep smiling

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