Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day out with boyfriend.

Today all I did was spend the day with my amazing boyfriend. We decided to meet at the trains at 8:00 this morning as caught the train to M'field. First we went to the school to see all our old friends then the crazy office lady kicked us out, as we were not in uniform EVIL. Then we walked up to the shops and on the way we ran into Zacy and Grimm, they are two of the best guys I know. Then after we got to the shops I wanted to window shop. All I looked at were books. We spent most of the day in the shops, but at one point we did go to the kid park near the shops to have a play.

So they are the pictures my boyfriend got of me being me. After that it was about 1:00 in the afternoon so we went and printed out a few pictures for every one who went to my sixteenth party, after that we played a game on his ipod and then walked back to the school where we gave out the pictures. Now that sums up my great day with my boyfriend, I wish it lasted all day, but you have to live your home life sooner or later.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Old Pictuers of Eumundi

OK so as I was cleaning up my laptop I discovered some old pictuers of the Eumundi school trip I went on with a few friends for our art class. So I thought I would put them here just for the fun of it. So there are pics of the balloon animals we got. Ok so here they are please enjoy.

The weekly new books.

So as my regular book payment to do my house work I was lucky enough to get two books this time. So the books that I got were "spirit bound" and "my soul to keep" and I love them. OK I finished both books in the same after noon I got them. Every one was shocked that I can read that fast but what can I say I love books.

OK so this is the "Spirit Bound" I was waiting for. It took me long enough to get it but was it worth the wait. The romance in this book is amazing. Adrian and Rose really hit there romance off, but when there chance arives Lissa turns Dimtri back into a Dhampir and he refuses to see Rose but why? You wil have to read the book. This is a great book that even brough tears to my eyes.

Now onto "My Soul To Keep" ok so this book was the last in this trio sadly. Nash is totally amazing but no he is addicted to demn breath he is a jerk. But can the love of his life and his dead reaper brother saave his soul in time. This book has a twist I couldnt see coming and totally had me gap. It had me on the edge of my desk ready to jump, I actually jumped as my mum desiced to  talk to me when i was readign a scary bit. Thanx mum.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Finshed Book Series

OK I was just thinking how many book series i have actually fully collected so I decided to take pictures of all the completed ones. Im pretty sure none of these collections are adding any more onto the series.

New Book in my collection

My mum has decided now that I do not got to school and I do tafe that if I clean the house every week she will give me a book so last week (04/06/2010) I got "The Van Allen Legacy" by Melissa de la Cruz. This book is the fourth in the Blue Bloods series and this series is beyond amazing. Most vampire books do not say how they came into population but besides getting bitten. This series shows you the history of this breed of vampire also there enemies the Silverbloods that can not feed of human but only feed of the Blue Bloods. This book follows the lives of the young vampiers of the new york coven. In this book Sky and Ollie run nto Jack and Charles loses his life, While Mimi loses her lover.  While Sky's mother wakes up after being in a coma for 17 years. In the end bonds break, lovers reunite and lives are never the same.  Here are pics of the book and its collection.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Beach Trip

So today mum and I decided we wanted to go to the beach so we did. She almost did not make it back up the beach she started having breathing problems. I was worried for a while until we got a drink and sat down, then we ordered lunch. I had a hot dog and mum had a burger. It was yummy an then we went shopping and I went to the surf shop mum got me a nice anklet made of leather and it is now on my left ankle and it will never be removed until it breaks. Here are a few pics I took today.