Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Book Signings

As you know I like attending book signings. I have been to a whole two this year, I would make it more but no one comes to QLD. VIC and NSW seem to be more popular than good old QLD.

WHY oh WHY? I truly have no idea and that saddens my heart that I can't just hop on a plane and go down for a book signing *sigh*.

Good news though I will be able to attend the Lauren Kate book signing on the 6th of August, I will also be taking my best friend Kath with me. As the sad fact she has not been to a book signing before :S I know I'm shocked to.

Now I must get back to my college work or it will never get done and I shall not be aloud to attend the book signing.

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Disappearing act...

So as you can all tell I haven't be here lately, OK so almost a month. Sorry about that.

What have you missed?  Well not much I can assure you of that, I have basically done nothing but been internet deprived for a whole month *shudder* the torture of that is horrible.

Basically here is whats happened:

  • Moved AGAIN!!!
  • Won a ARC of  Heather Brewers new book First Kill
  • Been with out internet
  • Enrolled and started college which is a diploma
  • Started getting serious about life
  • Been spending so much time with Kath (best friend of 5 years)
  • Offered Kath to be a co - blogger
  • Bought more books
  • Found out Chermside Dymocks is closing down (YAYA books sale)
  • Planed a HUGE shopping trip to Chermside for ^ reason. 
  • Planned to move out as soon as I get a full time job
  • Made a 5 year life plan
See my life is pretty bland, I will be posting again tomorrow so I can get back into my usual system of always blogging also I have to update my library and show you all what my new book shelf looks like, I must also go shopping and get another book shelf. But until then I am off to work more on my first college assignment, day 4 of college and already working hard :D I totally love it... 

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