Monday, November 22, 2010

Another Day at home

OK besides my pain in the butt mum, today was great until she came home. I did the dishes, folding and cleaned the floor but no nothing is ever good enough for her any more. Ever since i had told her that i was going back to school full stop every little thing I do she always finds something wrong. 

Other than a bitch of a mum. I actually slept in and when i got up I read someones blog and they mentioned blondies. And of course I was curious I had to make my own, they did not turn out all that good. 
That is what they are suppose to look like.

 But of course mine did not look all that good. I have a picture of mine but it is on my lap top so I will post it up tomorrow after noon. I did not work on any books today I spent my day doing house work and talking to my friends on msn and facebook. 

My poor book case is dying under the wait off all my books so I have started looking for solutions to save it before it ca-lapses and hurts the books.  While looking up the shelves i have realized a room in my house will be covered in books from floor to roof. Similar to this. 
 So my loving boyfriend now knows the life he will be stuck with if he ever marries me. Well at least he cant say I haven't given him far warning. Now I have showed him the pictures he is planing on how to build the book cases around our(my) dream home and he even fully agreed to build them for me. 
Vampire Diaries.
No I am off to have dinner and get ready for my Hell Cats and Vampire 
Hell Cats

You just have to love Mondays. Good TV other than tonight I rarely watch TV. I have 25 long minutes before my TV shows start.

That is only the truth

Have a great Monday night.

Keep Happy. <3

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