Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year

I want to wish you all a happy new year and good luck for year to come.

This year I have set my self a few goals, so lets see if we can all set our selves strong and meaningful goals. Here is a small list of mine.

1) To find a good job
2) To go to tafe and start working towards a diploma in business
3) Do as many writing classes as I can in my spare time.
4) Get more blog followers (That should be the hardest)
5) Get a longer goals list!!! hee hee.

Today I went shopping and I got a diary for 2011, scary I know. I added all my family's birthdays and my anniversary date into it.  Also I have been making up systems so I can work on my blog and books better and easier. First I will be sticking a picture of a book on its release date in my diary also I will be updating my library page every Friday night. I will give myself weekly goals for each book I am in the process of writing. Other than that there is only one other thing, I will be posting reviews on the blog every Friday night depending on the new books I buy so keep updated.

So now here are a few GREAT memories from 2010. Thank you to my boyfriend and family who put up with me through every thing.

My Trip to Melbourne with my Boyfriend

My 16th Birthday with all my friends

I look fat... Blame my mums cooking its just TO good.
Girls weekend trip to Gin Gin with Mum and Kylie

I will pro-tend we were sober when we took this picture. 
Sun Sets and Sun Rises spent wishing.
Sun Set in Kilcoy

Sun Rise in Caboolture

B & W Sun Rise in Burpengary.
Sun Set in Melbourne.
Just random pictures along the way. 

My love heart Blondie.
The Lonely Flower.
So that was my 2010, lets see if we can have a better 2011. Have a great new year and drive safely on the roads. 


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