Tuesday, January 11, 2011


I wish every one out in Queensland the best of luck within the coming days and weeks, as every one in the Brisbane area has now got the goal we all share and that is living through the 2011 Floods. It saddens me to see the news of loss and pain family's are suffering. I have friends and dear, dear Family that are now isolated and we have no true way of getting out, so we have to sit and wait and pray for the best.

I must say I am trully sorry for the deaths of the people in the flooding, I have a friend that has felt a lost of her close friend in the flooding and I have also got a friend missing in the floods.

Here are a few face book pages that might help any of my readers in flood areas.
QLD Police.
Caboolture Shire & Surrounding Suburbs Floods.

I don't know if that helped at all but please keep your selves safe and away from flood water and stay safe REALLY safe.

Also send me pictuers of the flood water if you have taken any and I will feature them on the 2011 Floods page.

Stay safe, dry and healthy. I wish you all luck.

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