Wednesday, January 5, 2011


Hey every one.

May this bird my Aunt K tried to save yesterday, Rest In Peace. I went to visit my aunt, where my cousin pointed out the fact that the bird was sick, there was a broken wing and I suspect more hidden  injuries. So i went and sat next to the box they had kept it in (away form the dog) I stroked its tail and talked to it (yes i must have looked stupid) it tried to stay alive, opening his eyes and trying to drink. The little fella stayed alive for the whole time I was there but died soon after I had left.  So I gave him a name Lil B (for little bird) and now I want him to go to the spirit lands and find a tree full of fruit and friends.

But now I have gotten past the sad facts of yesterday. Today I am looking for five to ten people to receive a manuscript of my first every YA book. Magick Bonds, I wrote the book last year and have started writing the second book to it at the start of this year. So far I have found two people, both whom I trust. But now I am looking into writing chat rooms for people also to edit my book, I know the risk I a taking, but hey you never know.

So once the five people have finished with there copy, I will take them back see what work they have done and then edit my book again, then I will be fining a literacy agent, person. From there its either crash and burn (the most likely to happen) or I might get some where.

Now I have given my self a goal of adding 10 pages to "Water Demons" before tonight so I must be off.
Have a great day...


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