Sunday, January 23, 2011

Best Caramel Cuppchino

Yesterday mum and I went shopping. I walked from one end of the shopping center to another just to get my coffee from Zarraffas, They are a small little coffee shop that now has set he standard for the new love in my life Caramel cuppchino, YUMMY is all I can say.

After we had a hell of fun I ended up taking my mum to the hospital. NOT FUN. So she got a bed in the ED straight away, so next came the tests there were four in the first hour and then she was given pain medication but after that no one did anything for five hours until the doctor came back and said they couldn't find any thing one the first tests so they sent her off for a scan. By this time I was tired ad hungry and they hospital has piss poor coffee so I was getting very annoyed.  So I sat and waited for my mum to return when the ED security was stationed watching a lady in the room from across us. First he spoke to me and that was ok but then he told me I was the one that should have been in hospital because I was CRAZY! second he didn't know me from a bar of soap and then tried to tell me that I belonged in a padded cell but third he was a PERV. so telling me i was crazy and checking whats down my top at the same time he was a total FREAK. By the time I had spent 7 long hours at this hospital and the darn security guy I was more than ready for that padded room. But thankfully they let my mum go with out and explanation for her pain and no pain meds. Thank god she has a doctors visit tomorrow or else I would be freaking out.

Trading/Loaning Dvd's with my friend Trace today, I give her 4 Barbie movies and in return I get my 2 Vampire movies back plus "Tomorrow When the war began". Trace and I swap our dvds with each other a lot just so we can watch the same things, then we pick the hottest guys and then we agree whom can perv on whom and we come to equal agreements on it.

So it is only 9 in the morning so I think I will go play on facebook for a while and then get off my butt and get some housework done then work on my books and Finally get the dvds to and from Trace...

Have a good day and Stay happy :D

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