Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Family I hate

Ok so to narrow it down on whom I love and whom I hate here is a list of family hate.

  • Alisa (aunt)
  • Brooke
  • Dylan
  • Shayne (older sister, I REALLY REALLY hate her)
  • Dan (birth father)
  • John (grandfather)
  • Big Tim (uncle)
  • Tony (aunt)
And more but I can't remember names. So the family I do love always either aren't there when I need them or let me down all the time. 

So the other day I got into a pretty nasty fight with mum, there were tears, screaming and a verity of non appropriate words. But once interfering people (Alisa) were out of the argument I released that mum was right, I am a lazy, self centered, rude and unhelpful.  So in the last two days I have made a change, I clean the house all the time. I have even cooked dinner twice and then cleaned up after it and made sure the house was in order. 

So now I have given myself a few more goals for the year.
  • Be a better person around the house, clean and cook more to take stress off mum
  • Lose 15Kg, to look better and be healthier
  • Redecorate my bedroom and give it a total make over
  • Be a better family member (not to people i hate) 
  • Be a better girlfriend
  • Be a better friend
  • Get a good full time job
  • See my sisters and brothers more
But while I work on everything on that list I am also working on being a better person all round, in every aspect of my life. 

I will also be focusing on my studies more, from the craft to certificates in business and business management. I will be also paying a lot of attention to my relationship with my boyfriend. I know I have a lot to work on but in the end it should make me a better and nicer person than I am now. 

Which means I am cutting contact with every one that talks to Shayne as I no longer wish to know anything about her or anything to do with her EVERY again she is DEAD to me!!!

No one can ever fix what isn't there, so witch against witch, sister against sister and that is how we must live than good bye to her, I want to be a better person and any connection to her could destroy it all.

So now I have vented all that. I cooked dinner tow nights in a a row there has been pasta and mince and then lamb chops with roasted veggies and then potato, then I did dishes and then even had time t sit and talkto my mum with out screaming at her, it was good. 

Sadly I must get off the computer as ANOTHER storm has just arrived and soon enough will steal my much loves power and internet.

So I big you all good night and be safe in this weather.


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