Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Another day with a very weird up family.

Friday Night I sat down and watched a few good movies with mum. It was good until my aunt rang. Then the night and weekend went to hell (believe me i'm getting use to it). My cousins dad lets call him bob (not in the family so not saying names) had come from S.A to see my cousin and decided to take Kev (in the family) out to the pub for a few drinks (at the pub) and next thing I hear from the folks up there is that Kev has been arrested and my aunt is all upset and sad. All I have to say to her is GROW UP!!! your a selfish, gratefuller, backstabbing cow(the words I want to use are worse).

I have to say a thank you to bob for destroying that little part of hell within my family. As I have hated my aunt every day since I was a little kid and she always picked on me and hated me so :P to her. Now every weekend my house will be peaceful (unless i'm bored), the house will be clean and of course it will only have three people in it. So thank you all so very much for sticking your druggie dealing nose into my family bob, you have ended a lot of pain and suffering on my part but you have wounded my house mate and for that I am not very happy on that account.

NOW... to the happy stuff.

Mum went back to work today. That is party worthy news, I love her sure but having her here for like a week  or two, yes I lost track of time, is a very annoying thing. But we spent most of the time apart due to a former family member (up above), but on the last day she had off we spent it watching movies, talking and getting along. It was good bonding time, her words not mine, I would have rather be reading a old book or something but hey she left me alone now for the rest of the year. FREEDOM!!! (lol)

Also I have a new goal. It is not very exciting to many people but myself. I must read a series of books per week then write a review on them, from book one to the latest book release. I will gain more writing skills and  also gain knowledge on writing methods.

My books I have been writing are taking twists I don't know about until I go through and edit the work I have done it is like the book is writing it self and i just edit it. But it all gets away from me, the characters what they are doing, what the looking like so I will be profiling them and putting them into a folder, one folder for each book I plan on writing. You know just to keep track and make references. There might be a few folders but hey, why not.

I guess I must be off to do house work and all that sort off non-fun stuff every teenager has to do. But until next time keep happy, keep writing.

xx Taneeka


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