Wednesday, February 2, 2011

My Poor Book Shelf

May it be saved. I have been telling my mum that my book case has been slowly dieing, it has finally left my room and moved to the garage where it now is being repainted and then rebuilt. When I start working on making it stronger I am just thinking that I should just buy a new book shelf all together or maybe two different book shelves.  Here is what my books look like with out there shelfing unit.

From the right side

The stash of art books in my wardrobe
From the left side

Cook Books.
Books that didn't fit any where else.

But my poor book shelf wishes not to be seen. Trust me it is for the best, the poor thing is fragile right now (hee hee).

But until then, my room is currently going under a make over, it should look really good when I am finished. I must get some house work done, keep reading and have a great day.


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