Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tuesday is Blues Day

Don't know why it is blues day, besides the fact if I didn't own a jumper I would have been as blue as a smurf. See look I'm already blue
<---- picture is evidence...

Today I have gotten my boyfriend his birthday present that must remain a secret until he opens it and a very cute card. I hope he will like it.

Also I have started working on my out fit for Friday night, it is a little short So far one of the options I have is a short skirt, black stockings, black shirt and black heels and also a cute little jacket. OR a pair of jeans and a singlet and a pair of thongs.

Besides putting the final touches on my first chapter I have not been up to much, I also have to go birthday shopping for Amy (party on Friday) and make her a cd. Other than that I must get back to my chapter and start chapter two...

Love you all...

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