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Q & A from Claudia Grays chat with fans

*blushes* So I think actually squealed a few times to day. I didn't know that Claudia Gray was going to be having a chat on her Dymocks fan page but I was early and bounced for like the last five minutes before she got there.  Any way, the Q & A below are all the good and intresting questions people asked so I decided to put them on here and it also gave me an excuse to dance around my house like and over active retard...

Here you go ENJOY!!!

CG: Hello, there! I'm here and ready for questions!

F:What do you base your characters off of? (i.e. Inspired by other characters, poems, alter egos, etc.)
CG:Hi, Jordan! Honestly, I'm not 100% sure where the characters come from -- they introduce themselves as I work on an idea, and sometimes I feel like I only get to know them by writing them. However, for the most part, they aren't based on people I know or other characters. The one big exception? When you read BALTHAZAR, if you have discerning eyes, you will be able to find ... Cameron from "Modern Family." Or at least someone inspired by!

F(THATS ME):Last year you came to Morayfield QLD and I missed you by a whole heart breaking hour due to my cousin falling down the stairs... I just wanted to know if you will ever visit again???
CG:Hi, Taneeka! I'm so sorry you missed the Morayfield trip (and I hope your cousin is okay.) Right now I have no travel plans for Australia -- writers mostly go where they are sent or invited -- but if I'm ever asked back, I'd return as soon as I could!

F:How many Evernight books are you going to write?
CG:Hi, Annie! There are only four books in the EVERNIGHT series proper, i.e., the story of Bianca and Lucas: EVERNIGHT, STARGAZER, HOURGLASS and AFTERLIFE. There is a fifth sort of spinoff novel: BALTHAZAR, which is about our favorite vampire guy but in a story that is very much his own. That's all I have planned right now. You never know what the future will bring, though!

F:when does the book about werewolves on titanic come out???
CG:Hi, Ali! FATEFUL, aka the book about werewolves aboard the RMS Titanic, is coming out in the U.S. in September 2011; I don't know about an Australian release date yet, but I know that the book IS coming out there and pretty quickly. I am really in love with that story and hope you guys are going to enjoy it too.

F:What can you say is your favorite writing genre as in historical fiction, fantasy, ghost stories, etc.?
CG:Hi, Jordan! I guess I am still finding out what my favorite writing genre is. I loved the paranormal YA romance of the EVERNIGHT series, but then FATEFUL was fun as half-paranormal, half-historical. The upcoming SPELLCASTER series also has paranormal and romance elements, but is a bit of a thriller as well. I hope to try plenty of genres eventually; I'll probably only know my favorite at the very end!

F:When did you know you wanted to be a writer. What gave you the focus to write a novel? I ask this because when I write I usually have a hard time finishing my stories.
CG:Hi, Annie! The focus to finish a book can be tough to muster. For me, personally, a lot of the fuel comes from the fact that I always plot out my books in advance, and I always make myself write in order. Because I tend to fall in love with my endings, I want to write them desperately and that makes me power through the rest! But outlining doesn't work for everyone. I think basically you have to fall in love with writing itself -- until it's such a joy for you that it's harder to imagine NOT writing on any given day.

F:How long till the BALTHAZAR book comes out??
CG:Hi, Ashley! BALTHAZAR is coming out in the US in March 2012. Once again, I don't have an Aussie date -- and as I just finished writing the book (turned it in only one week ago!), it has not yet sold in any other countries. But the Australian fans have been so wonderful about embracing the EVERNIGHT series that I feel confident BALTHAZAR will be picked up there and published on roughly the same schedule as the US, just like AFTERLIFE. Hope I'm right about that!

F:You think you could come to Mexico to make any kind of appearance or signings???
CG:Hi, Ana! So far my only trip to Mexico was in December '09 for the Guadalajara Book Fair, but I would love to return sometime! So I hope they ask me again. Mexico was absolutely beautiful.

F:I read somewhere that would write short stories of some charaters events like, Ranulf and Vic trip, how Lucas's mom fell in love with Lucas's dad....That's true?? 
CG:Hi, Natalia! I'd love to write some EVERNIGHT short stories, but this year I haven't had much time -- not only have I written three books in the past eighteen months, but I've also done some non-EVERNIGHT short stories for anthologies. But I have done a couple of EVERNIGHT short stories, both about Patrice; look for the ETERNAL and IMMORTAL anthologies, and you can read "Free," about how Patrice became a vampire, and "Bloodshed," about her experiences in World War II. They're actually big favorites of mine, and Patrice is definitely a character who doesn't reveal her full depths until you really get to know her. The publisher for those anthologies in the US was BenBella, if that helps track them down ...

F:Do you think you you will ever run out of ideas for new stories? Or are you always finding new inspiration?
CG:Hi, Laura! No, I don't think I'll ever run out of ideas for stories. Even if I am someday no longer publishing books, I know I'll write for the rest of my life. Hopefully, though, I can keep sharing the stories with you guys! And definitely I think of more books than I can possibly write. So the trick is picking the best ideas. :D

F:Hey I just noticed all of the books titles have 9 letters in them. Is that for any exact reason???
CG:Hi, Ali! Yes, all the EVERNIGHT books have nine letters, and all but BALTHAZAR are compound words. It's not really for any reason so much as to make it feel as though the titles naturally belong together

F:Do you have and tips or advice for aspiring authors?
CG:Hi, Jordan! (And Ana, this answers your question too --) My main tips for aspiring writers are these:
1) Read everything you can get your mitts on. It's always astonishing to me the number of people who want to write a book but mostly just watch movies. I mean, I love movies, but you need to immerse yourself in the medium you want to create. Nothing will teach you more about how to write a book others will love than reading a book you yourself love.
2) Write as often as you can. A lot of learning how to write is learning who you are as a writer, and how you can best work to your fullest potential. It takes time to find your voice and learn your best methods; you have to give it that time and effort.
3) When the time comes for you to think of getting published, educate yourself about the industry. Read reputable blogs online (Absolute Write, Kristin Nelson, Backspace, etc.) to find out the state of the industry and the difference between a legitimate publishing venue and a ripoff. When you get a good story together, you will want to be able to take care of it properly and make sure it gets out into the world.

F:have you any plans for future series? After this series ?
Hi, Katrina! I am currently taking a couple weeks to catch up on things after finishing BALTHAZAR, but in March I will start writing the SPELLCASTER series, a witchcraft based trilogy. Who wants to hear more about it?

F:But in the last book Bianca becomes a Wraith...wwwwhhhhyyy???Did you envisage this before you started writing the Evernight series?
CG:Jasmine, yes, I planned to turn Bianca into a wraith from the beginning. Hopefully when you read AFTERLIFE you will better understand.

F:Why write under an alias? Your name is in the books so Just wondering why?
Hi, Kye! Honestly, I didn't choose a pseudonym for any reason much besides it being fun to come up with another name. I really enjoy it, actually!

F:In your opinion, if there were a vampire egg-and-spoon race between Edward from Twilight, Patrice from Evernight and The Count from Sesame Street, who would win and why?
CG:Hi, Jeremy. That would be one tough race. If the race is in the sunlight, Edward's going to forfeit, lest he be seen and understood as non-human. Now it's Patrice vs. the Count, and that is one tough race. But if somebody makes the Count laugh, or count (which leads to laughing), he'll shake and drop the egg. Whereas nothing will distract Patrice from getting that egg to the finish line. 
If the race is at dark? Total tossup.

F:Any teasers or info on the new series Claudia?
OK, Katrina and Ali, here goes about SPELLCASTER: It's about a young witch named Lia, who (like all other witches in this universe) has been trained in secret since childhood by her mother. However, a few months before the series begins, Lia's mother rather suddenly left her dad and the whole family. Abandoned and heartbroken, Lia's dad takes her and her little brother to a new town -- which she soon realizes is in the grip of an enormously powerful dark magic. Among the most tormented is Mateo, a guy cursed to see visions of a terrifying future ... including the sight of Lia lying dead at his feet. So he's trying to stay away from her, but they're very powerfully drawn together. When Lia finds out how Mateo was cursed and why, though, she realizes he's not the only one she has to save --
Anyway, I think it's very exciting stuff. It will be a trilogy of books. I can't WAIT to get started on it!

F:ps the dolls for the series are very cute !!! who came up with this idea ;?
CG:Glad you like the dolls, Katrina! I'll pass that on to my friend and web designer Tara, who also made the dolls. Aren't they awesome? Don't forget to enter the next contest!

F:Could you come to Chile someday?
CG:Natalia, I'd love to return to Chile -- I visited for fun in 2008 and had a wonderful time. But again, I have to be invited down by a publisher or an event, so I am anxiously awaiting the invitation that would allow me to come back!

F:would the thirst-quenching electrolytes contained in sports drinks such as Gatorade help or hinder the life-sustaining refreshment of a vampire drinking blood?
Jeremy, I doubt Gatorade would help vampires for long. I mean, even animal blood is less satisfying for them. And I'm sure they've tried everything! I can just see poor Balthazar polishing off a jug of Gatorade and realizing, nope, no good.

F:Also, anyone you can recommend?
Ali, there are so many authors to recommend! In what genre exactly?

F:if you could become yourself between vampire, werewolf, witch, faery, gypsy or any other kind of magical or mythical creature which would it be??
CG:Ana, if I could be any mythological creature, I would have to say that I'd want to be a witch. I mean, they get all the powers, pretty much none of the drawbacks, and they get to wear black a lot. Very flattering. Plus, magical housepets. It's all win.

F:when do you hope to have your new series out ?
CG:Katrina, the SPELLCASTER series should come out in the US in March 2013, though that's far enough in the future that it's subject to change. As I haven't even started writing it, I can't narrow it down any more than that! Now, about Cairns -- I was the tourist hanging out in front of that McDonald's in front of the lagoon, surfing free internet in the early evening. You remember me now, right?

F: (Recomendations)Well I dont like Non-Fiction I like teenage fiction
CG:Ali, let's see. I think Kelley Armstrong's series is absolutely terrific. And I very much enjoyed a book called THE BODY FINDER by Kimberly Derting recently - a great YA thriller with just a little paranormal mixed in. EVERMORE was fabulous, of course, but I doubt anybody needs my help to discover that! If you like more realistic stuff in addition to paranormal, then check out the work of Elizabeth Scott. All her books are wonderful.

F:Hey Claudia, are you coming back for another signing in Australia this year?And what was the best thing you experience while you were here last year?
CG:Elzar, I hope I'm invited back to Australia sometime! My favorite stuff in Australia? Visiting the fans, absolutely. I wish we could have had an event every day. Other stuff I loved: Hiking at Kata Tjuta, snorkeling on the Great Barrier Reef, meandering around Sydney's botanical gardens and doing beachside yoga at dawn in Sydney. Such an AMAZING trip.

F: i hope you came to Puerto Mont.
CG:Natalia, I visited Puerto Montt on my trip long ago! I know that doesn't exactly help you get your book signed, but I just wanted to say it is a beautiful town in some of the most spectacular countryside I have ever seen.

F:Did you read the Twilight Series and what did you think of the books?
CG:Joanne, I actually try not to read too much YA paranormal while I'm writing, and I've steered clear of most of the vampire-centered books while the EVERNIGHT series was being written. Believe it or not, you can have too many vampires in your life; for a while, they seemed to be outnumbering the humans in my life! I read TWILIGHT but haven't read the rest of the series yet, nor seen any of the movies; I also haven't read VAMPIRE ACADEMY or a lot of the other great stuff out there. (My one weakness: The "Vampire Diaries" TV show. But who could resist?) I hope I can catch up sometime soon! But more books must get written, and I tend to read either books for adults or nonfiction while I'm writing, just for a change of pace.

F (I COULDN'T HELP IT):Oh Claudia dose it count if like a billion of your Brisbane fans get together and make a big invitation and send it to you???? If so ill get the glue and cardboard :D
CG: LOL, Taneeka -- I wouldn't want you guys to have to pay for the plane ticket! (And I am about to buy my first house, so somebody else has to do that.) We'll just look meaningfully at my Australian publisher and hope for the best.

CG: OK, everyone, it's midnight in the U.S., which makes it time for my coach and four to turn back into a pumpkin. Thanks to everyone (Elizabeth! Ana! Ali! Annie! Cheryl! Jasmine! Jordan! Jeremy! Natalia! Elzar! Taneeka! Everyone I shamefully left out!) for coming to chat!

LOOK MY NAME IS IN THAT GOODNIGHT COMMENT OMG!!! I THINK I GOULD LIKE DIE!!! *blushes* I even got ask the last question *stops breathing* OK so I'm like really excited about the whole fact Claudia Gray answered two of my questions... YAYA *joy dance and starts breathing again* 

So now I am going to go *dance* act normal and try to calm my self down (not happening) and get to work on writing my second chapter for Water Demons which is no where near as cool as talking to one of my all time favorite authors *squeals again* 


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