Thursday, February 10, 2011

Normal Things

So I know I haven't written on here lately and I am sorry, but lately life has not been nice. My mum has a tumor that is a little big, but she will be having it removed soon rather than later.

Also mum and I have been fighting a LOT and all the time. We never stop, she will just bad mouth me to any one when she thinks I am not listening yet when I' around she complains I never help out with the house work and that I should be nicer to her because of her tumor. To my defense, I work on house work at least 3 hours a day, I cook dinner almost every night and clean up afterwards. So sorry if I like to sit around at night and read my books.

Talking about books I got Prey (Shifters) Yesterday. I will admit I cried like a big baby when one of the boys died. The graphic detail of his death and then the families pain had me in total tears, I think I shall have a little service for him :'( just so I can cry myself.

Every month I have got a new goal of getting to at lease 1 new library and 2 new book shops. A grand total of 3 new book shops a month. Starting from February. I will make a My Bookshop page. I will document my travels. :D I will be traveling with a friend the whole way. It should be interesting. Also with every book shop I go to I have to buy at least one book. Lets see how I go.

I had better get back to house work before it starts another argument.

Keep reading.

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