Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sunday Fun!

 Hey Readers,

So again another lame Sunday, I got my nails done last sunday and I can't get them redone for another week. I was supse to spend the day with my dad bu he had more important things to do. So my mum tried to make the day happy, didn't work. But we did go to the Woody Point Jetty. I got a few pictuers.  Of me being stupid. My mum was like "you are weird" and im like "Kewlo" she just laughed at me after that. Other than that on my crappy day nothing else has happened. I plan to reach page 100 of my book tonight. HopefulyI will have it finshed soon.

Mum an I haveing a good time on the jetty. Hoping every one is having a good day. Now i better getback to my book it won't write its self.  Love all my friends and family, I am spending the day tomorrow with my other mum, can't wait to see how she is, she is a strong woman  living with breast cancer, Missing her as the days go by. She was the one who brought me into this world and i will forever thank her for it.
Love you all. Have a fun week.

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