Friday, August 27, 2010

Mum's Friend

Hey Every one

OK so mum has been talking for ages about her friend that was coming up. Well she is here finally. But now mum is bring up everything bad i have done while carol was gone. She is hiding behind her friend and it is crappy. Really crappy as carol is siding with mum and neither if them even care about my side of the problem.

I love carol like another mum but they can both be bitches, she got here yesterday. My mum is taking two day off work, oh great four days with her. Today we are suppose to be going on road trip and i am suppose to get my learners. I'm pissed, i had the money since my birthday and she hasn't gotten off her ass to take me but as soon as her friend is here is a different story. So happy i have a camera and my book to work on, i can escape her world and go to my own.

Mini Oreos are wicked cool. I got some when we went grocery shopping. They are so cute.

Ok now i have to go and do a fewa bit of household cleaning. Love you all.

Keep Smiling.

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