Wednesday, August 18, 2010


Hey People...

So on Sunday I got my nail done my mum gohers done to. We hoepd in thcar and my auntie Ally asks if we want to move in with her, mum asked where and she said Woodford. My first thought was crap that far away, but after that mum and I talked about it some more. Now if we get the house we all want we will all be moving and going to Kilcoy State High School. I know I said I never want to go to school again but something this time feels right, like I have to move in with them. Steven and I are cousins and will both go to grade 11 next year, his younger sister Brooke will be in yr 9 and Dylan the second youngest will go to some primary school. The major ajusment will take a while to get use to, There is even a house arrangement in place. Steven gets the shed, Mum gets the garage, Brooke, Dylan and I all get rooms (I get the biggest as I am the oldest) d Ally and Katie(The youngest) Get the main bed room. Every time I see Steven we always talk about the school and how much we want this, We hardly want things but we know that this is what we must have to do. We know that if we go it will be difficult and we will always be anoing each other, but it will be fun and there is a small BMX track around the corner, where Steven and Dylan can ride and I can do my photography. All I know is I have to go. I just have to.

Anyway Keep Happy

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