Saturday, August 14, 2010


Hey readers.

So today was Courtney's birthday party. She got upset when the parents started to chance the kids around and have fun, she wanted the day to be all about her and no one else. I never knew a family members to be so selfish. Every one was having a great time and she walked off and refused to talk to any one. Her mum is the best, she has a nail business, i am getting my nails done tomorrow. I can't wait I want to get them done black with silver lines or something. So now I told you about my excitement of the day.

My living arrangements have started to grow on my nerves, living in  my aunties pool room is so not cool. I can't wait until I am  older enough to build my own home it will be amazing. I have a plan mapped out and everything for my home all I need is the money and land.

I plan to be a famous author one day. I know my writng skill need improvement. I am working on that also I have found part time work I am hoping it turns into a trainee ship, little money but at least i can save for my car house.

Well I must be off now work to do and boos to study. I thank you for keeping in tune with my blog. Have a great week.

Love you all.

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