Monday, August 23, 2010

Cancer Battlers

Hey every one.

Today I did a bag thing for a very good reason, I lied to my mum so I could spend a day with my mother. It sounds odd I know,I don't live with the woman that gave birth to me, I live with the woman who adopted me.

I lied to mum about meeting a friend at the traistation when I was really going to a cemotherpy session with my mother, It was wrong and I know that but I also know I learnt alot from it.

Waking up at 5 this morning I got dressed and I was so excited about seeing mother after a year of seperation. By 6:30 I was at the station waiting for her to pick me up. I saw her and almost cryed. Her cancer treatment had taken all her hair, but her eyes told me she was still the woman I loved. It didn't matter what she looked like she was my mother.

We got to the hosptial at 7:30 and went straight to the cafe for coffee and breakfast, at 8 she had to have her blood tests, watching the painshe went through to get them done made me know she was strong. She has breast cancer so her tube they use to adminster the cemo and take blood is on her upper left chest. I watched as thy took two full things of blood. After they did that we had to go to her doctor that was at the hosptial. He talked to her for a while and gave her all her medication, there was ALOT. After we went there she had to get a xray to check is there was a clog in the tube that was in ehr chest. It turned out htere was so her cemo couldn't go in that way, they had to put it in her arm.

As she got it done, she killed my hand bescause of the pain of the neddle. I saw tears and she only made me know she was stronger. We started her treatment at 11:45 and it didn't finish until 5, I sat there by her chair, reading magazines and catching up on our lives. We missed eachother so we talked about everything but the important things like you alwasy do.

Of course I got busted for lying. I knew it was going to happen, I didn't care after I saw my mother. I knew now I had seen and touched her that she was going to be ok. Finding out she had breast cancer scaed the life out of me, I know she wasn't a perfect mother and but she gave me life and saftey. I knew if I lost her I would blame my mum for not letting me see her one last time, but today I knew I didn't have to worry.

Watching her get pumped with all the diffrent medications and bags of fluid stuff, She talked to all the other paitents. There were three new people today, a 83 year old lady sat next to my mother and they got talking as it was her first treatment. She was so nice we talked for her whole treatment, she left the same time as us. She asked tons of questions and Mother answered them all, she was nice and offered all the information she knew. By the time the treatment was over, I had seen the effects cancer can have on about 7 diffrent types of people, young and old. They were all so nice and strong. I understand cancer so much more than I did when I woke up today.

After spending 9 hours 24 minutes in the hosptial, we finally got to leave. On the way back to the station my mother had a break down. I wanted to cry with her, she was so sad and depressed. But she is my hero, she is strong and amazing. I love her.

To every one batteling or defeated cancer, you are all strong. You have all faced the hardship of cancer. You are all heros. And thank you for opening my eyes to what cancer is and what it can do. You all are my heros, please keep smiling for your healthy days will come again.

Thank you Prince Charles Hosptial for looking after my mother

Keep smiling.

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