Saturday, July 30, 2011

Now I have finished and reviewed First Kill, I decided do a few more reviews. I think I will do a review every three days. That leaves me plenty of time to read and review a book with time to spare.

Today I also had to go down to the shopping center with my mum, she wanted a hair cut and lucky for me the hairdressers is right next to QBD the book shop. She sit in her chair and I disappear of course into the book shop. I have listed three simple steps my mother fails to follow.

First of all no one should let me near a book shop while they are having a birthday sale.
Second if you do let me go please take all money out of my possession.
Third if you don't do either of the above be ready for this teen age book worm to stay up all weekend reading and as you failed the previous two step you have lost all right to complain.

Today I only left the store with 5 books. Woo I kind of proud of my self for finding this little bargain. All five books came as a set I got:

Have you read any of those books? If you have let me know what you think of them.

I am going to sit down and spend the weekend reading my 5 new awesome books and beg my mum to let me drive a half a hour just for strawberries.


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