Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Slayer Chronicles First Kill

My response when I got it in the mail was to jump up and down and hug the book like a complete random, the part that embarrassed my mother who was standing next to me at the time was the fact that we were standing in the middle of the post office. I will be reading this book tonight and reviewing it tomorrow.

The cover looks amazing. I do not know if they are keeping that cover but it is pretty cool. (picture left) The few book sights I have looked at all have the same picture so I do truly think they are keeping the cover. *claps in delight*

You can pre-order your copy at amazon or any good book store (I assume).

I would be reading it right now but I have to get my college work done *gives text book evils*.

Must read this book before I sleep tonight, sleep is important yes I know. But gaining knowledge by reading books is just something that is the up most importance, well it is to me any way.

Other than that I have two book signings I am attending in August, I think I might make a events page. Events I have been to or will be attending in the future. *writes that on the to do list*

Maria V Snyder on the 5th of August.

Lauren Kate on the 7th of August.

Both events will involve my best friend and I traveling to different locations, catching trains and then buses. Also coffee, home made chocolate chip cookies and of course books. See perfect days ahead.

Now I am off to work on my college work and try to figure out why in all of the world did I decided to study a Diploma of Business with out studying the certificates first.


Quote by me. "A book holds the key to another world, the key to imagine you are lost in a land of words, it up to you and your imagination to make it a world of adventure"

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