Tuesday, August 2, 2011

College, College, College

I just got home from college and wanted to say hi to every one.

Yesterday I went to college, it takes 90 minutes by public transport to get there and another 90 minutes home. But yesterday was a little fun, I had to go to dymocks and pick up a book I won on twitter.

How did I win? Well it was simple @dymocksbrisbane asked people to tell them what mythical power I would learn: Magick, Fire or Poison? I answered " I would want to learn poison as most of the time today it is a forgotten art" and that won me a copy of Inside Out (Harlequin Teen) by Maria V Snyder.

The fun part of finding the book shop was getting lost and trying to find my way around. I finally found the book shop and got my book, then off to the station I went. As soon as I sat down I started reading.

As I have read all other books written by Maria V Snyder (except Outside In), I am totally in love with all her books. While I was at Dymocks getting my book I reserved seats for her book signing in Brisbane (Details Here) So Kathleen and I now how our spots saved for use.

Today I finished "Inside Out", OH MY GOD totally love it, cant wait until tomorrow when I get "Outside In". I will be debating if I will be buying a second copy of Passion to get signed as a give away in the future it all depends.

Have you read Inside Out??? If you have let me know what you all thought of it, or if you have read any other books by Maria V Snyder what do you think of them???


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