Friday, July 29, 2011

First Kill by Heather Brewer

So here is my first ever review, pointing out it is 9 at night I have been up 13 hours just driven 3 hours straight and had 3 coffees, sorry if it makes no sense let me know what you think.

The Slayer Chronicles: First KillFirst Kill has a simple cover, yet it shows that this book has a connection with the Vladimir Tod series, it also gives you an insight into the age group the book is suited for.

The blurb is well written in the way it gives you a little perspective into the story line and the setting of the book. Reading the blurb lets you understand the background of Joss a little more, it also leaves you wanting more details of the past and future for Joss McMillan as he discovers his family heritage and learns how to avenge a death that haunts his dreams.

In this book you will follow the journey of Joss whom is leading an innocent life away from all bad, until one night he witnesses his sisters murder. Then for the next three years his sister haunts his dreams looking for peace and justice for her death.

Joss McMillan is only 10 years old when his story starts, He is a strong boy who has a stubborn streak that makes him the bigger and stronger young man we come to love by the end of the book. Joss faces many challenges from his family and other people whom he trains and works with, he also struggles with the loss of his sister, the fact she still haunts him every time he sleeps but that just fuels his fire to fight and find justice. After getting in fights, surviving ordeals that most of us wouldn't and then getting up and still facing his future, Joss is a strong character and very well built, Aunt Heather did very good work writing his character.

Abraham McMillan is a new to the pages. He is Joss's uncle, he seems like a person you don't to know or talk to but you really can't pick your family. Looking out for your family in the slayer business makes you seem like a butt. Abraham is a good teacher and can teach a lesson without words. He will surprise you in the book (totally surprise you)

Sirus, *sigh* what to say, wow. so Sirus is really sweet, he is a caretaker or medic which ever you prefer. Got a cut Sirus will fix it, Been beaten up in hand-to-hand combat Sirus will fix it or half dead and need rest Sirus will save you. Sirus is so cool yet so evil, he is nice and sweet and even a dad but he has his secrets (gasp worth).

There are other slayers in the book but ill let you meet them yourself.

At the start of the book meeting Joss as a young boy and a older brother while we end the book with him a young and growing man and an only child.

I rate this book
I recommend this book
To any one who likes vampire books or had read the Vladimir Tod books, it is a really good read so go pre-order your copy now before some vampire bites you and you become a drudge (so kinda not cool).

So that is my review, let me know what you think


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