Wednesday, March 2, 2011


First of all, Late (sorry) happy Birthday to Amy, one of my best friends and also thank you for inviting me to your party Friday night. It was really fun.

Second, I had fun to day spending time with my mum at hospital as she was taken there due to that darn tumor, it is now the size of a coke can, she went to hospital yesterday and I went to pay a visit today.  I took her a few things and while I was there she asked me to go to the canteen and get her something to eat, as i am completely immature I got TONS of salt sashays, so I walk back to her room and write the letter a on the salt, so when I give it to her she says did you asalt me and of course she and I both found it funny, again another fun moment....

Third, I wish to apologize to the memebers of zcole16 that I haven't been able to work on the second chapter of Water demons but I have been able to work on a short story of just 100 words.  It is a romance scene between Simon and Isabelle from Cassandra Clare's City of Bones (Mortal Instruments) series. I was meant to enter it in a competition but never got to the library to enter it.

Fourth, Glasses. My mum and I got out glasses finally. I look kind of nerdy but I like them. Yes I know my room is a total mess, I really should clean more often.

Fifth, Mum is coming home tonight yaya.

Sixth. I have a small fascination with numbers right now.

Ok so other than my number fascination, not much else has been happening with my life. I have been working on my  books I'm writing and I will put up my scene that I wrote tomorrow.

Have a good after noon.

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