Thursday, March 31, 2011

Book Signing.

So lately I haven't been on, but today I got out of bed at 6!!!!! in the morning because I was just so excited to go to the Redcliffe  library and meet the awesome Marianne de Pierres. So besides the fact this morning I broke quite a few speed limits and then had the worst road rage, I got to listen to an interesting talk and then get to talk to her my self. My mum and Carol haven't heard the end of it ALL day.

My official autographed copy... 
Today I learnt a lot about the publishing world and also a lot about the world of an author. My favorite part is pined to my wall and written in my book. I think my poster and book have gotten more attetion than anything else on my book shelf.
All my Burn Bright Items
I got to see, meet and talk to an author my day was great. Also I volunteered to work at the book fest and my paper work I have to fill out will be in the mail tomorrow hopefully. Today has been so much fun. I even went shopping after that and got.

That was my day. Hope yours was just as fun.

xx Taneeka

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