Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Crash and Burn

I feel like everything I had has either left or is being destroyed. I thought everything was going fine, Mum was fine, My relationship was fine and my friendships were fine. Apparently I was blind.

My mum is worried sick about her operation, My relationship is over and my friend ships are fragile.So it has been really crappy day.

Other than that I have plans to spend most of my after noon tomorrow at the library, then Saturday catching up with an old friend who is coming into town and then next weekend at my friends place and a baby shower. Mum is trying to keep me busy and it isn't working but she is trying tho help with the whole my teenage world is blowing up in her face. I heard her talking to our house mate about the fact she doesn't know what to do because she hasn't been a teenager is so long. That made me laugh a little.

For the baby shower I am thinking of making little (unborn) baby Jasmine a little book. It will have faeries and mermaids and pretty little pictures. :D What do you all think???

Now I am off to start finding pictures for this book I am going to do...

Keep Reading.

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