Saturday, March 5, 2011

OMG Burn Bright

Again OMG, there are to many more word to describe this book. *jumps up and down* so let me point out a few steps on enjoying this book.

  1. If you haven't read this book, get your but to a book shop and buy a copy.
  2. It is a must have on your book shelf so follow step one.
  3. It will intrigued you until the end (I'm already  ordering the next one) so read as much in one go as you can (you can always re-read)
  4. Groan in frustration at the ending because it shouldn't end and should go on for ever and ever.
  5. Someone who will listen while you babble about the epicness of this book Or find as many people as you can and recommend it so you can all talk about it together. 
  6. Pre-order your copy of "Angel Arias" and count down the days until it is released (Don't stare at your calendar time only goes slower)
  7.  (optional) Look around Marianne de Pierres Web site to see what else she has written or visit the OFFICIAL "Burn Bright" site.
OK so you MUST follow those steps if not a night creature will find you and eat your soul, trust me don't walk off into the dark alone or they will eat you, because they want you to read the book,

The book it's self it complex as at first I couldn't grasp their ways of life or their origins, but as I read along more I could under stand and see there views on their religions and life styles and why they would want to run away.

I truly suggest you buy your own copy and indulge yourself with a nice drink and this great book. 

I recommend it 13+ and I would rate it 5/5. 


P.S the night creatures are watching you.
P.S.S This is the official music soundtrack for the book.

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