Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day out with boyfriend.

Today all I did was spend the day with my amazing boyfriend. We decided to meet at the trains at 8:00 this morning as caught the train to M'field. First we went to the school to see all our old friends then the crazy office lady kicked us out, as we were not in uniform EVIL. Then we walked up to the shops and on the way we ran into Zacy and Grimm, they are two of the best guys I know. Then after we got to the shops I wanted to window shop. All I looked at were books. We spent most of the day in the shops, but at one point we did go to the kid park near the shops to have a play.

So they are the pictures my boyfriend got of me being me. After that it was about 1:00 in the afternoon so we went and printed out a few pictures for every one who went to my sixteenth party, after that we played a game on his ipod and then walked back to the school where we gave out the pictures. Now that sums up my great day with my boyfriend, I wish it lasted all day, but you have to live your home life sooner or later.

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