Sunday, June 13, 2010

The weekly new books.

So as my regular book payment to do my house work I was lucky enough to get two books this time. So the books that I got were "spirit bound" and "my soul to keep" and I love them. OK I finished both books in the same after noon I got them. Every one was shocked that I can read that fast but what can I say I love books.

OK so this is the "Spirit Bound" I was waiting for. It took me long enough to get it but was it worth the wait. The romance in this book is amazing. Adrian and Rose really hit there romance off, but when there chance arives Lissa turns Dimtri back into a Dhampir and he refuses to see Rose but why? You wil have to read the book. This is a great book that even brough tears to my eyes.

Now onto "My Soul To Keep" ok so this book was the last in this trio sadly. Nash is totally amazing but no he is addicted to demn breath he is a jerk. But can the love of his life and his dead reaper brother saave his soul in time. This book has a twist I couldnt see coming and totally had me gap. It had me on the edge of my desk ready to jump, I actually jumped as my mum desiced to  talk to me when i was readign a scary bit. Thanx mum.

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