Sunday, July 18, 2010

Sorry I haven't been on

Hey guys,

I haven't posted in a while and i am sorry for that. Life has been really bad lately. My mum and I have been busy, I quit school, move three times in a week and I have not had access to the internet in all that time until now, so now I get to blog about the last month I have not been on, again I am sorry.

It has been very weird lately. With moving, leaving school, my father trying to kill himself and trying to figure out what I want in life. Wicca has now played a great part in  my life, I am doing what I want to do. My cousins are greatly into learning what I am willing to teach. But until then I have tons of Pictures for every one to see. So I will put them in diffrent posts. I really hope you are all having a great time.

Love you all,
Keep smiling

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