Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Making the days go by

Hey friends,

So life has been weird latley, family being odd, parents are so not acting cool. Like some sick jock i am missing out on. If you asked me a week ago if i though it was normal I would have said yes but now it is just to weird. With my boyfriend out of the darn country for three weeks I have only have a limited amount of people I can talk to. Sadly my closest friend either dont talk to me or are angury at me for some reason I still dont know. I have been helpiung my auntie out at her work we have so much fun, at lunch we laughed so hard our drinks came out our noses, and laughing so hard our ribs hurt. We all get along great but i still feel something missing.

Like a part of me has been hidden from my soul and I have to find it on my own, but people don't see how hard it can be when you are a teenage witch people look down upon, Being the oldest of pletny of grandchildren people always look to me to set exaples but when I say I am a witch, they look down on me and boy my mum gives me so many talks abut what I am and who I should be. Mabey I want to be myself and a witch.

Do people even think of each other any more? Why dose the world have to kill our emotions and hearts? I remember when I was a child my family actually knew neraly everthing I did and now they bearly know my middle name, which by the way is Elizabeth.

Missing somenthing I have never had seems stupid but knowing it could be there in my reach makes me work twice as hard to get there and follow, my dreams and goals. So you all have to smile and follow your dreams, if you screw up it is your fault and no one elses, the blame is on you.

Keep smiling, Keep Reading.

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