Monday, September 13, 2010

The Future

Hey Friends

I have decided that I will stop being bossed around like I am still a baby. I have grown up to be who I am. Yes I am not the smartest cookie around but I have skills not alot of people have. I don't attend school by my own choice I love to read and write it is my addicition. I can write anything, spells, books, chants and even songs. But to the cow that raised me that means nothing unless it comes with a dollar sign attached. Well I am making my self a goal. To get a great job and work my way to the top so I can hurry up and start living my dreams, I have started thinking alot about my future and it has got me batteling between my heart and head. The choices I must make are ones people can never face but I have been working alot on goals and plans, so I know that which ever choice i make will effect every one around me but what can I do it is the ripple effect.

I would love to just leave every thing I  have to follow my dreams, To leave every one I know and start fresh would be great, but I can't. The love I feel for the family and friends i have now is fading and soon enough it will be gone.  Soon enough my relation ships shall end, I will pack everything that is imprtant in my life into boxes, and leave the place and loved ones i called home and I shall start a new life all on my own.

It seems harsh but once you think about it, we all need to say good bye to the things or people holding you back. There a far and few people who will let me have my own feelings or let me follow my own dreams. I am thankfull to my auntie Kylie for opening my eyes to how I have been raised to do certin things. People say that the way you are raised is the way you live, Seeing it for myself is a diffrent story. I thank every one for opeing my eyes. Alot of thing are going to change soon and I will be more than happy making the changes.

Well I am off seeing the fact I have three unperfect little cousins I am spening my afternoon with. You have to love the unperfect ones more than you could the prefect ones.

Keep life happy.

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