Sunday, April 11, 2010

Im back

Hello Everyone

I got home late last night sorry I didn't post then, but I was very tired... Any way i had a great time... With my boyfriend and his great family... They were so nice I cant wait to visit again... I have a feeling I'll get to see them all again... I have plenty of pictures... The beach was lovely and only a short 2 minute walk away from the house where I was staying... I went shopping... I got many great shirts... I also go a great maxi dress for $6 I love it... My boyfriends mum took us shopping yesterday before we left and I found the best out cult shop... Next time i go down there I plan to go to that shop with heaps of money and get a lot of books on different religions... OK so I promised you all book reviews... I will start on them as soon as I can which will be tonight after my family visits today... My family is so sweet... Any way i better get the first review started... I think I'll do the book which started my reading... Promise of the wolves... or maybe... The City of bones... They are all part of my collection that I love... Have a great day... Be safe and have a good read...

Lyra Jane Peta

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