Friday, April 23, 2010

OK Book Time

Sorry I have not posted in a while my laptop decided to break. I had to get it fix. Any way It is book time where I will be posting release dates of new books. Exciting new is that "Stromglass" by Maria V Snyder is now available from all good stores also "Radiant shadows" by Melissa Marr.
So last night I went shopping and got the book "Iron King" by Julie Kagawa and i had it read within 2 hours of buying it. My mum was shocked i could read that much so fast. I apparently have a promising career in book editing. Except the fact I can't spell or correct grammar. So I'll try to post my book review of "Iron King" on here as soon as I can. Also I have found out that Iron King is a series i will post all available information and keep you updated. On the progress of the Julie kagawa's workings. Also there have been a few new books out this month. At the end of the month I'll give you a full list of released books. OK so now i have a few websites that might be useful to you.
Maria V Snyder's Official Website for more details.
Melissa Marr's Official Website for any book details.
Julie Kagawa's Official Website for her new Iron King Series.

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