Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hello Again

Well now I'm all packed ready to go... I Leave in the morning I do now know how to feel about going... Missing my family for 9 days... It might sound babyish but its hard seeing my parents with so many differences in our lives... One day it will all calm down for us all to have easy live and be a family together once again... Any way I have gotten 2 new books to read on the plane trip i haven't deiced what one to read on my way the and the way back... So there was a sale a few days back all the good classic book all for $6 at the local shopping center and of course I went crazy buying books... i think i left with about 5 or 6 book I wanted to get more... But my wallet is a bit dusty so maybe next time... I am in Australia now but when I have enough money saved up I want to visit my dad in America and possibly move there... But the problem of moving my books is going to be a bit pricey... But if I am aloud to be with in the same city as my dad I will be... I love him and my mum so much the time difference is hard some days others it can give me a good excuse to have the day off... He has aloud me to visit then stay I want to... All my books would also make the move with me... would never leave any of them behind... Any way i had better get to school as it is 7:21 am here and my school bus will be here son i must prepare for the boring day ahead... I will post again tonight... Happy Reading All

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