Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Busy Bee

Lately all the people I know and all my friends have been busy little bees. Since they are all the latest graduates of high school ,they all are now entering uni, college or work. Unlike me, I have been in college for 6 months now and only two units of work away from graduation. Once I graduate I will be going onto more study, don't know what yet.

But I have gotten all my busy bee friends to agree to go to a movie with me.


I don't know how I talked 8 people coming with me but I did and now I can't wait.

Also this month I am attending two book events, a book launch and a book signing with Anna Campbell. Both should be really fun and I will up load photos when I get them :D

But for now I am off to join my friends in the busy life of a college student.


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