Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Old Friends

About a week ago I got in contocat with a old school friend of mine. He was a close friend to me in school but when I left I lost alot of my friends. Now we text and meet up alot, I even got him hooked on books, not the type I usually like but its better than nothing, I am happy he is reading. Even if it is Mangna, I have nothing againts it, its jus not normaly my cup of tea.

So far he has gotten me two books:

Season 2 Book 1

Season 2 Book 2

and I am totally hooked, hook, line and sinker.

All I can say to these books are, that they are awesome as I said not my normal sort of book but they are pretty good and are easy to read, I can't wait until tomorrow I am going book shopping with said friend to get myself the next ones in this series. As people say dont judge until you try, well im my case I tried and I liked.

Go try a new type of book, you never know you may like it.


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