Monday, September 5, 2011

Spellbound by Cara Lynn Schultz

The cover for Spellbound is set in a walkway of a castle, with the cover model having her back to us all we can tell is that she is blond and wearing a gown from the 17th or 18th century. This cover is beyond captivating and totally amazing.

“What is a girl to do when meeting ‘the one’ means she is cursed to die a horrible death?”
With an opening sentence like that the blurb is bound to draw in readers if the cover hasn’t yet.  A person must go buy the book and read it. This blurb just draws you all the way in.

Our main character would be Emma Conner a sixteen year old young lady that hasn’t had an easy life. Starting a new life is not easy while hiding her past. Going to a posh new school with rich and snobby brats doesn’t help. Friends are few but Emma can pick the loyal ones. New school, new life, new love and a love curse. Emma Conner has her hands full.  

Brendan Salinger is our male lead. Hot, rich and nice what more can a girl hope for. But this young man goes from hot to cold with out warning. But when the time comes can he prove his love and loyalty?

The start, the middle and the end of the book are all amazing, this book is so well written and beautiful. This book allows you to be taken away into another world and time.

This is a must read.
I highly recommend this book to all that love romance and YA. It is a really good book.


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