Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Books, Books and Books and that totally equals heaven.

So today I am going to tell you all about the book-fest on Monday, but extra special fact it that Kath is here and going to blog as well.

Monday was fun, waking up at 3 in the morning to come back from camping and then getting home at 6. Than cleaning and unpacking my little bag passed the time until Miss Kath got to my place.

So we then head of to the book fest while trying to force ourselves to give each other a budget and NOT buy a MILLION books (which we did any way). As per usual we walked and people watched, funny things humans are.

We walk in the doors, and BAM it was like they knew us. Interesting conversation.

Man: Hello ladies, did you know it as fill a bag for $5
Us: *look at each other and evil grin*
Me: Really?
Kath: (i think there was a happy dance)
Man: I can sell you ladies a bag for $2
Me: Ill take 2 please
Man: *hands over bag*
Us: *run around crazy picking up books*

While looking at the paper back we found at least 25 copy's of The Davinci Code. Also as we all know Christmas is like 3 months away so I got my mum about 10 Danielle Steel books.

Kath disappeared to the kiddies section and spent most of her time there searching for goosebumps, The baby sitters club The baby sitters little sister and R.L Stine.

So after a little while there (about 2 hours) and 4 over filled bags later we decide to leave. That was a problem, the bus was a long walk up a hill to the bus and the bag were abut 10kg each. So we were smart and got a taxi. The not so smart part was how we put the books in the back, as soon as we turned the corner the all feel over and went every were in the back of the taxi.

Finally getting home, the next problem was where are we going to put them and for Kath how to get them to her house, those problems are both still around. Any suggestions???

Now we are off to try and find homes for our new piles of books.


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