Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Rachel Caine Book Signing @ North Lakes

Yesterday I (yes me) got to meet Rachel Caine (look at picture), see thats me and her. HOW COOL IS THAT?

I left the house at 1:04 (thats the bus time) and got to North-Lakes at 2:58. Did a little shopping and got myself a little box called after dinner suduko, so now I do one every night before bed.

I walked around the shops for a hour, I mostly spent my time in a game shop talking to a guy (not that exciting) after that I went and spent my time in   Dymocks. I even asked the lady at the counter what were the rules about the signing. This is how it went.

Me: *walks to counter*
Her: Can I help you?
Me: Yes I just wanted to know, is there was a limit to the books you can get signed?
Her: No as long as you brought them here.
Me: I have them with me but I didn't actually buy them here
Her: That might not be aloud, we can ask them once they get here if that is aloud
Me: Thank you *freaks out*

I spent the rest of the time wondering if I wasn't aloud to get my books signed. About 10 minutes into the book signing mum finds me (so embarrassing) and she stands there as Rachel Caine is talking looking at me like I'm from a different planet.

Then came time for questions and I decided to ask.

Me: I totally love vampire bunny slippers, Where can I get a pair?
RC: *laughs* at the site think gleek, and they are called Monty Python Killer Rabbit Slippers. 
Me: Cool *turns to mum* can I get a pair for my birthday?
RC: *laughs again*
Mum: Nope, You already have to many books.
Me: Mum they are shoes *plans ways to get the slippers*

I felt so cool for remembering the slippers and now I have plans of getting a pair, which you can get from --> Bunny Slippers

After that it was time for book signing. Where another conversation went on with Felicity (I think her name was) Sorry if I got the name wrong.

F: Hi ladies, what name do you want the books made out to?
Mum: her * points at me*
Me: Taneeka T-A-N-E
F: E-K-A, I remember you off the facebook pages 
Me: Yes, I am the one who took the target picture*mini dance in head for being remembered*
F: That was really good of you, I showed a friend from target. It is a good way to help others with prices.
Me: Really, thats kinda cool. 
F: It was nice to meet you Taneeka
Me: You to, have a nice evening
F: *smiles and walks away
Me: *turns to mum* OMG this is the second signing they have remembered me off facebook *tells facebook I love it*
Mum: You are kind of hard to forget.
Me: *pokes out tong* Shh, don't spoil my good mood. 

Then after waiting all of April I finally got all ten books signed, and also I got three paper coffins signed (look at pictures), awesome book mark and a official Morganville residents card, I did a little dance once I got home and put my books on my self. Oh and yer I got a picture with Rachel Caine. 

So now Pictures :D 
Paper coffins. 
Everything I got signed. 

Here are a few links:

So thats all I have to report from yesterday. Please enjoy and check out a few links.


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