Sunday, May 22, 2011


Hey people,

I am SO sorry about being M.I.A lately.

Last week Mon - Friday I was traveling to and from Zillmere to attend a course. Which now I have a certificate 2 in Retail.

This weekend I have been a little busy at Tracey's place as her sister had a birthday party and today we spent the day having a movie marathon.

So this upcoming week, I will be handing in my enrollment forms for my diploma and fingers crossed I get accepted, I will also be doing a delayed birthday blog a blog about my course, a random blog about the top tens on my book shelf and last I will do a blog about the belly piercing I will be getting Thursday night.

So now I am off to work wonders in my room to make it half way presentable and to also start packing my room into boxes so we can move again...

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