Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sorry for not posting sooner

Hey everyone.

Sorry again. I kind of suck at the whole regular blogging thing.

So nothing exciting has happened lately, but next week is exciting I get my first stitches and they are to remove possible cancer out of my back. How fun I know. So two scars on my back and it is just the begin. The doctor pointed out about 10 others that will have to be removed in the future and they are just the ones visible with a halter neck top on. Scary.

So my boyfriend broke up. I am still crying about it at night but i will never tell my family that, my mum already thinks I will break if I talk about it.

But now my head, heart and soul are either lost or so confused about what I am feeling. I miss him so much, his company, his warmth and most of all his love. It hurts to know that we split but I thin kit is for the best. 

My book I have been writing is coming along great, i have fallen in love with my characters. They leave such a awesome life, school, witch craft and boys. What more could any teenage girl want? for me not much more.

Well I better get back to my house work how fun, Love you all.

Keep Happy

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